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Kakijyo = Oyster Ladies, or women who love oysters.

The name Kakijyo was kindly created by Mr. Yuhki Woody Udagawa, CEO of the company BAUM.

Oysters have co-existed for centuries with humans and their history.  Loved by people around the world since ancient times, they grow by feeding on phytoplankton that’s been raised by nutrients and brought to sea by rivers and mountains upstream.

It is no exaggeration to say that like wine, they are also associated with time and terroir.

The taste of oysters is the taste of the sea.

Their various tastes come from the ocean in which they grow, their breed and the seasons, just like the variety of people and values that we see on our planet.


Oysters bring together our rich, borderless ocean and bustling, thriving cities around the world.  We established Tokyo Kakijyo! to share the beauty and allure of oysters with you.  We only have one rule — eat up to a dozen raw oysters at any one time.

We only have one rule — don’t indulge as much as Honore de Balzac. Eat up to a dozen raw oysters at any one time 🙂


Our lives, and the rich mountains and forests with their healthy ecosystems, flow into the ocean from areas upstream.  The ocean — that is where oysters grow.    These bivalve molluscs are the result of everything on Earth being brought together as one.


Perhaps that’s why. Like music, love or art, the excitement that’s borne from the delicious taste of oysters is strong and powerful, going beyond borders, politics or the origin of people.


Being able to eat safe, delicious oysters is a sign of the beauty of planet Earth. Tokyo Kakijyo! works hard to ensure that this chain of beauty and happiness continues forever.


Eating raw oysters is a sensual act, taking in anything and everything from others and being able to co-exist with that. It is also a sign of trust in what you eat.  Raw oysters are a blessing of nature.  Why not join us in this vibrant, colourful world?



Eating Oysters: Here, we introduce oyster bars and recipes.  Please feel free to take a look if you ever feel like eating oysters.

Oyster Entourage: Various people are involved with oysters until the shellfish reach their customers.  Please feel free to read our reports here!

Kakijyo Club: Home to a huge love of oysters, this is a chance to get together and talk about these incredible shellfish.


Revised in August 2014 (September 2012, Tokyo Kakijyo!)